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manufactured products

Design Control


We are a design office, expert in the design of new manufactured products according to your specifications, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 21 CFR 820 (FDA).

Design Control support you in your technological breakthroughs, technology transfers or range evolution continuity.

Our expertise also allows us to carry out due diligence missions to support our clients in the acquisition of devices or technologies, in order to ensure that the design file will allow the functional and industrial control of the product (Design Review).


Design Control quality by design


Our team is made up of mechanical engineers, who have been certified through our training cycle and who master our methods and development processes. In our two development centres, our engineers have at their disposal a prototyping workshop and a mechanical testing laboratory, which enables them to check the validity of the design space* of the proposed technical solutions as early as possible.

*Design Space : space in which production parameters
can be varied without affecting the quality
of the final product.
Design Control conseil en conception mecanique
Design Control design space
Design Control logiciel tolerancement
Design Control combinaison product
Design Control capabilite_CP_CPK
Design Control cotation fonctionnelle


Design Control produit conforme ISO9001
Design Control_bureau etude mecanique

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